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Make WooCommerce Multilingual - The Easy Way

Selling online in multiple languages with WordPress should be easy. My book (EPUB & MOBI) shows you step by step how you can use the free WordPress plugins WooCommerce and Polylang to turn your E-Commerce site multilingual. All code snippets that you need (they go into your WordPress theme's functions.php file) are included in your download.

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Add the snippets you need to your WordPress functions.php file.

If you prefer GitHub, you can get the code from my Git:

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Please contact me if you have questions, suggestions, or found errors in the book. Thank you!

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Multilingual WooCommerce with Polylang – How Complete?

The Multilingual Features Table

How far can you create a multilingual site with WooCommmerce and Polylang, if you turn on just about every WooCommerce functionality you can think of? Are any features missing? The table below shows you what works and what doesn’t. It’s likely that you don’t need everything I have listed below; if that’s the case, Polylang could be the perfect solution to turn your shop multilingual.
Multilingual Feature Working?
Products, Product Categories, Tags, Custom Fields Yes. Note that each product translation is a unique product and therefore requires its own SKU.
Variable Products (Product Variations), Shipping Classes Yes
Product Image, Product Gallery Yes
WordPress Menus, WooCommerce Widget Titles Yes
Product Attributes (Products – Attributes) Yes, with small code snippet.
Correct Routing of WooCommerce Pages (Shop, Cart, Checkout, My Account) Yes, with small code snippet.
WooCommerce Pages URLs (page slugs) Yes, with small code snippet.
Shop Page URL (page slug) Yes, with small code snippet taken from the plugin Hyyan WooCommerce Polylang Integration.
Shop Page Title (<title> tag in browser) Yes, with small code snippet.
Shipping Options (Flat Rate, etc.) Yes, with wpml-config.xml.
Checkout Options, Payment Gateways (Direct Bank Transfer, etc.) Yes, with wpml-config.xml.
Email Options, including different header per language, subject line, etc. Yes, with wpml-config.xml.
Currency Options (price thousand and decimals separator) Yes, with wpml-config.xml.
Price Display Suffix (VAT/GST) Yes, with wpml-config.xml.
Strings by WooCommerce helper plugins (e.g. WooCommerce Pay for Payment) Yes, with wpml-config.xml.
WooCommerce Endpoints Yes, by installing the plugin Hyyan WooCommerce Polylang Integration.
Cart Validation to avoid product duplication Yes, with small code snippet.
Fixing AJAX Issues (e.g. on Checkout, depending on theme) Yes, with small code snippet.
Product Permalink Base (e.g. Shop Base) Not yet, if demand code snippet planned.
Orders Yes
Reports, filter by language Not yet, planned by the plugin Hyyan WooCommerce Polylang Integration.